Local Groups


Shropshire Badger Group

About: In response to badger baiting and digging, Shropshire Badger Group was formed in 1987 with the aim of protecting, studying and recording badger populations in Shropshire. They are also involved in rescuing badgers and look over major infrastructure projects that may affect badger populations. People are always welcome to get involved and volunteer.

Website: https://www.shropshirebadgergroup.co.uk/

Contact Form: https://www.shropshirebadgergroup.co.uk/contact.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Shropshire-Badger-Group/100064327376581/


Shropshire Bat Group

About: Shropshire Bat Group is affiliated to the Bat Conservation Trust. The group is involving in monitoring bat populations in old mines during winter, installing bat boxes, and surveying bats as part of the National Bat Monitoring Programme. They also provide training for bat roost visitor licences.

Email: sbgcomms@virginmedia.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100067561958554&hc_ref=ARTvouxioT70WGtLk1DU5fGg1GGeL4ghHI4vlltXlS-nANaljs6FKKS1PzP5shAeUi0&fref=nf

Website: https://www.bats.org.uk/


Shropshire Dormouse Group

About: Shropshire Dormouse Group monitors and surveys dormouse populations in Shropshire. They also help in woodland management and host training and events for those eager to learn more about dormice.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ShropshireDormouseGroup/


Shropshire Pine Marten Project

About: Shropshire Pine Marten Project was founded and developed by Shropshire Mammal Group’s chair, Stuart Edmunds in 2009. The project aims to monitor pine martens throughout Shropshire using camera traps, hair tubes, and scat surveys. In recent years, pine marten boxes have been installed in some woodlands thanks to external funding.

Email: stuartedmunds@rocketmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/shropspinemartens/

Twitter: @PinemartensUK


Whitchurch Water Voles

About: Whitchurch and Whixall have the largest water vole populations in Shropshire which are continously growing. Whitchurch Water Vole group aim to survey this species to report presence-absence records to local councils and landowners.

Website: https://www.whitchurchwatervoles.co.uk/

Contact Form: https://www.whitchurchwatervoles.co.uk/contact.html