Research Opportunities

Shropshire Mammal Group has various project students, professionals, and citizen scientists can get involved in. Currently, the main focus areas are pine martens (Martes martes), harvest mouse (Micromys minutus) and the Shropshire Mammal Atlas. If you would to gain more insight to the details of each project, feel free to check them out in the following links. We’re currently developing a more in-depth booklet on research opportunities with SMG, so keep your eyes peeled as it will hopefully be finished soon!


The Mammal Society also has resources for undergraduate and postgraduate students undertaking their dissertation period. Although they are not Shropshire-specific, potential research topics can be applied to various places convenient for you. To access the Mammal Society’s student page click here. Alternatively, the Mammal Society’s project ideas can be downloaded and viewed here :


If you are interested in another species Shropshire Mammal Group covers, we are also open to new potential research projects. Please contact us here if you would like to suggest an idea, ask for advice or get involved in one of the projects: