About us

Dormouse Survey

Shropshire Mammal Group was formed in 2009 to record mammal sightings in the county and as at February 2021 has grown to over 190 members. We run independent and partnership events to promote the recording of wild mammals. We are gradually building up an online Atlas of Shropshire Mammals.

We are very grateful to our individual and corporate members for their support of the group. Not a member? Join here!

Email shropshiremammalgroup@gmail.com for enquiries.

Corporate Members 2021:

Pearce Environment Ltd

Field Studies Council – Preston Montford

Committee Members 2021

Chairman: Stuart Edmunds

Secretary: Anne-Mari Mikkonen

Membership Secretary and Treasurer: Malcolm Monie

County Mammal Recorder: Lorcán Adrain

Newsletter Editor: Ric Morris

Equipment Organiser: Peta Marshall

Committee member: Tris Pearce

Committee member: Jan McKelvey

Committee member: Lynn Besenyei

Committee member: Kathryn Jones

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